Transitions, are a changeable tint lens that is activated by U.V. light allowing them to be dark outdoors & back to clear indoors. 

Crizal, is an Anti-Reflective treatment that eliminates reflections allowing for the best acuity. Crizal helps with computer glare & bright lights at night.

Polycarbonate - Used for Kids (Under 21) lenses + safety glasses. The best choice of material for anyone's glasses.

Hi-Index - They are available in different refractive indexes to make even thinner like  1.66, 1.67 & 1.71

Polarized - Polarized sunglass lenses block horizontal light rays. It will eliminate the glare from reflected light on water, cars, snow, etc.   This is your best sunglass lens of choice.

Mirror - Improves visual comfort in extreme light conditions - available in many different colored mirrors.

Scratch-Coating - Hard & durable coating put on lenses to make them less likely to scratch.

U.V. Blocking Filter - Blocks the harmful U.V. rays to protect your eyes against cataracts, macula degeneration & other eye diseases.

Tint - Tinted Lenses can increase contrast & Improve depth perception which is great for blocking fluorescent light at work.